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The Tudor Family

From Tasha Tudor all the way down to her great-granddaughter Hannah, the Tudor family and staff have a passion for their crafts and the history behind them. Specialties include furniture making, painting, illustrating, quilting, gardening, sewing, baking, photography, storytelling and plain old-fashioned Vermont hospitality. Here you can read more about these unique people and their amazing talents.

Tasha Tudor Tasha Tudor (August 28, 1915-June 18, 2008) is one of America’s best-known and beloved illustrators.  Her first little story, Pumpkin Moonshine, was published in 1938. Subsequently she illustrated nearly one hundred books, the most recent being The Corgiville Christmas, released in 2003.  She received many awards and honors, including  Caldecott Honors for Mother Goose and 1 is One. Many of her books are printed in foreign languages and distributed around the world.  She also created thousand of Christmas cards, Advent calendars, valentines, prints, and other works.   Read more…

ChickahominyChickahominy As you know, life just wouldn't be the same without the animals. Here is a picture of Tasha Tudor's beloved tame bantam rooster, Chickahominy, celebrating his birthday. Chickahominy enjoyed his years with Tasha, sharing her meals, tea and naps and after her passing, lived with Amy & Winslow, who made him scrambled eggs and green peas for breakfast. Chuggy passed away late in 2009.  Read Winslow's Ode to Chickahominy.

Seth TudorSeth Tudor Tasha Tudor's elder son, is well known as the son who built Tasha Tudor's home using only hand tools.  He now concentrates on furniture, in both full size and doll size.  Many are reproductions based on Tasha Tudor's antique furnishings.   All Seth Tudor work is done on an item-by-item basis, as there is a limited supply of pre-made works.

MeganMegan (2000-2011) spent eight wonderful years with Tasha and retains the honor of being her last corgi. After Tasha's passing, Megan enjoyed her time living with Seth and Marjorie. She loved to ride in the 'motorcar' and would even leave her breakfast unfinished to do so.  


Marjorie Tudor first came to Vermont one lovely, greening spring day many years ago.  It was a trip made with a school chum, and the wonder of the place permanently lodged in her heart.  So it is not surprising that years later a way was found to live and work in this place.  Marriage to Seth Tudor followed and eventually, with Tasha Tudor's encouragement, she was able to leave teaching to take care of her family at home and to explore the world of art, doll making and so much else.  Read more... You'll also enjoy her Doll Gallery. 

MeganAgatha is one of those cats whose affections know no bounds. She cuddles with Marjorie on those cold Vermont winter nights and has reluctantly shared Marjorie with the new man about town; Teddy.  Teddy was found in the depths of winter in an outbuilding and was convinced, in due time, to renounce his wandering ways for the comfort of regular meals and human companionship.


Winslow TudorWinslow Tudor, the son of Seth and Marjorie Tudor, grew up in the circle of trees and Tudor traditions.  Writer and photographer foremost, he spends a great deal of time, as many artists do; observing the world around him while going about his day splitting wood, building stone walls and being a new father.  Winslow's collection of family photographs and journal entries of their daily activities will  be compiled some day, for a book about of his family. Winslow writes the stories in the popular Tea Stories section of our website.

Amy TudorAmy Tudor Tasha Tudor's granddaughter-in-law and Winslow Tudor's wife, met and discovered the world of Tasha Tudor in 1998 while looking for a summer gardening job.  Within a few days of beginning work, and while weeding under a rose bush, Amy was introduced to Winslow by his Granny and the rest, as they say, is history.  Amy cultivates our flower seeds, oversees the business operations, gardens whenever possible and founded the Tasha Tudor Museum in 2006.


Elizabeth & Katherine TudorElizabeth Tudor,4, Amy & Winslow's first child, soaks up living in the natural world.  She shows as keen an interest in birds as Tasha did and, at age 3, became quite a chicken-whisperer.  Of her great-granny's books, A is for Annabelle is a current favorite.   She welcomed little sister, Katherine, in April 2013 and is certainly a little Mother to her.  Katie excels at nursing, smiling and is always ready to show off her rolling over skills.



HenryHenry, moved to his new home with Amy and Winslow in November 2012.  He is an English Shepherd, a little known rare breed closely related to border collies, yet a bit more relaxed.  He is currently training to protect the chickens from hawks, fox and coyotes.

Happy ChickensHappy Chickens Amy & Winslow enjoy their feathered fowls which now include four Spitzenhabens, 3 Jersey Giant/Americana crosses, two bantams and one spectacular cross-breed named Giselle.  Petzl and Jelly Bean, the roosters, keep watch over them all and are both lovely and mild-mannered boys when it comes to interacting with people. Their brood provides plenty of fresh eggs and helps rake manure into the gardens every fall. 


Jennifer Tudor-WymanJennifer Tudor Wyman The daughter of Seth and Marjorie grew up considering crèches in the woods and playing with goats—an obvious part of any wonderful life. She learned the finer arts of baking and crafting from her Granny and her mother. Jennifer has turned her family’s intrinsic hospitality into a full time career at a historic resort in Northern VT. She and her husband Matthew have two children, Hannah and Jack. In the midst of modern life, Jennifer looks to the fine things in life to remind her of the enchantment of her childhood.

Hannah Tudor-WymanHannah Tudor Wyman, 11, is shown here holding her cousin Ellie.  Hannah is a firm believer in the magic of dolls and animals. She has already shown her talents by participating in the Secret Garden Tours and providing excellent customer service in the Gift Shop after the tours. She enjoys painting, being outside and digging in the dirt with her little brother, Jack. 

Tasha TudorThe Rookery Though our business started in 1999 in one room of Seth and Marjorie's home, it quickly grew too big and we moved it into an empty house on the Tudor Family property.  The Rookery houses our offices, gift shop (open during special events only) and is the starting point for our Special Events. It was named "The Rookery" by Seth and Tasha, which in the briefest possible explanation, means 'gathering place.'

Tasha Tudor - Frame Graphic
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