December 28, 2016

“I haven’t any modesty when it comes to my garden. I'll boast like mad.” -Tasha Tudor

Let the countdown begin! Tickets for our 2017 Garden Tours are set to go on sale on January 11, 2017 at 7pm eastern time. Each year a lucky few get the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Tasha Tudor’s enchanted home and garden in the mountains of Southern Vermont. Tour guests often say that walking around Tasha’s idyllic home and gardens is like walking into one of her illustrations--a real dream come true!


Tasha’s grandson Winslow will lead you along the many paths still abundant with iris, lupine, sweet rocket, and oriental poppies in June. The October tours will beguile you with peak fall foliage, red apples, the last of the lilies and the show of “annuals who are trying to outdo themselves before they’re laid low – the zinnias, petunias, pot marigolds, and nasturtiums. They all seem to become more brilliant then.”  That is, unless there has been a frost!

Tasha in her garden. Photo by Richard Brown.

Tasha’s home offers even more delights. Seth or Marjorie will show you where she sat at her art table drawing so many of the illustrations that you know and love, her famous tin kitchen for cooking Thanksgiving turkeys, and the walls of her pantry which she used to write down important dates and messages so they wouldn’t get lost….we can’t tell you too much more or it will ruin the surprise!

Tasha's art desk and supplies

And though tea will not be offered by Tasha herself, we will have some wonderful refreshments for you back at the Rookery when you return from your journey! Enjoy this last bit of time in your own private illustration of Tasha’s world to relax and chat with Tasha’s Family.

For more information about what to expect during a tour go to the Visit Corgi Cottage section of our website. You can also read posts and see pictures about past tours here and here.

Tours will be held on June 10, 11, 24, 25, October 14 and 15. Adults tickets $165.  Children 12 and under $65. There will be a limited number of tickets available and they typically sell out within 10 minutes! To ensure your spot in a tour, don’t hesitate! We recommend being at your computer, cell phone or tablet prior to 7pm and pressing refresh until the links to the tickets are live. Visit the Travel Info section of our site for transportation information and our recommended lodging and entertainment in the area. 

We hope to see you in the garden!

P.S. We're finalizing the details for a day-long retreat in Tasha's garden scheduled for June 9th, 2017.  The tickets will be available at the same time as the other tickets, January 11th at 7pm! Keep a lookout for more information.

Update from 1/5/17: We are still working on the details for the day-long retreat in Tasha's garden but the tickets for this event will not be available on January 11th when the Garden Tour tickets go up for sale. Keep a look out for more information!