June 26, 2017

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to our 2017 calendar, we’re excited to release our all new, limited edition 2018 Wall Art Calendar! This year, we endeavored to include a range of popular and lesser-known illustrations by Tasha Tudor for you to add to your collection.  

Like last year’s calendar, the 2018 Wall Art Calendar is made from 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials. It features single-sided, full-color prints that can be detached and kept as stand-alone pieces of art. They can also be framed alongside corresponding months from the 2017 Calendar to create a rotating gallery of Tasha Tudor art!

Our 2018 Wall Art Calendar features illustrations from a diverse selection of Tasha Tudor books and other sources including First Delights, Mother Goose, Tasha Tudor’s Favorite Stories and many more.  

With our new calendar hanging in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy many aspects of Tasha’s illustrated world, such as innocent children living simply (and doing their chores), exploring gardens, or enjoying a woodland stream on a hot summer day.   Over the course of the twelve months, you’ll see representations of how Tasha’s life changed over the years.  Did you know that before Tasha became a corgi champion she kept (and therefore illustrated) beagles?  Don’t be alarmed, her love for corgi dogs shines through on the January, February and June pages.  Look no further than July's firework calamity for a peek at Tasha’s more mischievous side.  

We know you’ll be delighted with the many rarely seen illustrations in our new calendar.  There might even be a few you've never seen before!