November 17, 2020

christmas in corgiville intro tasha tudor

Many, many people were first introduced to Tasha through her Christmas cards. For 30 years, she illustrated at least ten new cards each year and this large body of work overflows with heartwarming family celebrations, wonder at nature, New England villages, children with animals and more.

This year, we also offer you several new sets, most including corgis as requested! Three are available as Christmas cards for the first time ever and exculsively in our online shop.

Spread the warmth of a Tasha Tudor Christmas with your loved ones this year!

Christmas in Corgiville 
Step into the middle of a bustling New England village near Christmas time - one inhabited by corgis, rabbits, crows, cats, ravens, goats and boggarts. 


For the first time, this illustration of a young mother reading the Night Before Christmas to her children has been released as a Christmas Card.

 Cat and Corgi by Fireplace


A gray cat with black stripes and a tan Corgi sit together gazing up at the stockings hung above their heads. The fire is glowing warmly and the room is alight with cheer and festivity. The beautiful border of cornucopias, candy canes, presents and gingerbread wrap around the edges.

This 1961 illustration is based on Doris Purvis's home in Concord, New Hampshire which later inspired the design of Tasha Tudor's Vermont home. 

Doll's Christmas from Tasha's 1950s book




For the first time, three illustrations from the beloved 1950 Dolls' Christmas book are available as a Christmas card set.

Christmas Tree

Originally created for Victoria magazine in the 1980s/1990s, Tasha repainted this image in 2001 as one of the very first Christmas cards produced by her new family business, Tasha Tudor and Family. After being out-of-print for many years, we are pleased to reintroduce this perennial favorite. 

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