August 12, 2021

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You'll love our 2022 Tasha Tudor Wall Art Calendar...available now!

We're delighted to release our Tasha Tudor 2022 Wall Art Calendar. Bring Tasha's art into your home or office with our brand-new, exclusive 2022 Wall Art Calendar where each month becomes a changing art gallery. 


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 Featuring 12 (11 x 14") pages with illustrations from Tasha Tudor's whimsical world. Illustrations taken from First DelightsA Child's Garden of Verses (both the 1941 version and the 1981 version), A Brighter GardenGive Us This DayBetty Crocker's Kitchen GardensSprings of JoyThe Tasha Tudor Cookbook and The Night Before Christmas

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Special thanks to our friends Masako Meshino and Hayao Izuhara for donating their design and production expertise to make this calendar happen. If you're in Japan, please contact the Tasha Tudor Museum Japan in Yamanashi at 0551-45-8788 to order. Supplies limited.