Natalie Wise
May 2, 2011

Red Efts are a familiar site in New England in muddy, soggy spring, but the first glance of one brings excitement indeed! I tweeted two weeks ago that the Red Efts were crossing, as they make the journey from the muddy woods to the ponds. The Tudor family has long known this is a sure sign of spring, one of nature's many clues to us that winter will soon be banished for a few months of glorious Vermont summer.

So familiar, indeed, that Tasha included a watercolor of two boys discovering these creatures in Springs of Joy. This illustration is so characteristic of Tasha's work: old-fashioned children filled with an old-fashioned curiosity and excitement over nature. I'm sure Tasha was illustrating from her own life: her two sons or her two grandsons! Even little Elizabeth Tudor loves to wear her "puddle boots" to jump in puddles and loves to "smell the flowers."

  {Ellie showing Natalie "How to smell the flowers" in Granny Tasha's greenhouse, April 2011}