Natalie Wise
October 20, 2011
The path to Tasha Tudor's house...the field has been mown and laid to rest for the year.
We have arrived at the middle of Autumn. We've been drinking apple cider by the bucket full, admiring the foliage on bright sunny days and misty foggy days, and relishing the opportunity to wear our shawls and wellies again. We were all sure to layer up for our September 29th Corgi Cottage Tours. It was a cold & rainy day, but we all had a wonderful time. 

The fall tours always require some Tasha Tudor-style layering, which we adore. This time Natalie wore two cotton scarves (around her head and tucked around her neck) and a gray thermal with ruffle sleeves that peeked out of the heavy cotton mint & pink dress that Marjorie Tudor made (and used to wear when she was Natalie's age!). She wore my large wool scarf as a shawl, tucked into the apron made by Amy. Of course,  wellies were a must for the on and off rain, and braids make one feel youthful and happy. We had the fires going in the Rookery and at Tasha's house--a special treat.

The foliage is stunning in Southern Vermont this time of year. The strange weather this year had us all waiting in anticipation to see what foliage season would bring, but we all agree, it has been a really lovely year. 
Dear Elizabeth Tudor (Ellie) celebrated her third birthday this month, where she was greeted with a vintage children's pinafore, a daisy cake, and lots of pink girly things. She is such a light in all of our lives, full of happiness, spirit, and sweetness.
Happy Birthday, dear Ellie!
We've been hinting at a few new projects on Twitter...we are launching our NEW shopping cart soon, as well as new Fall & Winter apron and pinafore fabrics, new Tasha Tudor-style scarves, and more.
Stay tuned, dear friends!