April 25, 2017

“I haven't any modesty when it comes to my garden. I'll boast like mad.” -Tasha Tudor

For Tasha Tudor, much of the year revolved around planning, planting, and maintaining her exquisite garden. In the still of winter, Tasha poured over seed catalogues in search of favorite vegetable varieties and exotic blooms. Seed packets would arrive in March, much anticipated. But it wasn’t until April and early May that the ground had thawed enough to put seeds into the earth. Even before all the snow melted Tasha could be seen, barefoot and clad in her ever-present gardening scarves and apron, checking up on the growth and well-being of her beloved plant friends. By June, at long last, the garden was alive with the bright green of new leaves and a riot of color so pleasing to the eye from the many flowers--periwinkle forget-me-nots, pink, orange, and cream hollyhocks, purple columbine and more--that surrounded Corgi Cottage in such exuberant beauty. There is nothing so glorious as Vermont in full bloom.

Tasha in her garden, tending to her pansies and "Johnny-jump-ups" (also known as violas). Photo by Richard Brown from the wonderful book Tasha Tudor's Garden by Tovah Martin

Though Tasha is no longer with us, her garden lives on, lovingly maintained by her grandson Winslow Tudor. Each year Winslow harvests seeds from his grandmother’s plants so that we can share them with you. How wonderful to carry on a little bit of Tasha’s legacy by filling your own garden with seeds from her beloved blooms! Find the last seeds of the season in our Tasha's Secret Garden section.

Peonies in Tasha's garden. Photo by Richard Brown.

Tasha Tudor’s garden continues to be enjoyed by scores of fans who come to Vermont for our exclusive Corgi Cottage Tours in the summer and fall. Tour guests are led through Tasha’s home and garden by members of her family and enjoy hearing stories of what life is like at Corgi Cottage. We have had guests come from as far as Japan, Korea, China, Iceland, Canada, the UK, and all over the U.S. for these tours! We often hear that walking through the flowers at Corgi Cottage is like walking into one of Tasha’s illustrations--for many, a dream come true!

Stillwater Punch from the Tasha Tudor Cookbook

At the time of writing, there are still a few tickets to our June 9th 2017 Corgi Cottage Tour and we anticipate them selling quickly! Once these tickets sell out we will not be offering tickets again until 2018. [Edit: as of 4/27/17 we are all sold out of tickets for 2017 Corgi Cottage Tours! If you were not able to get tickets this year we hope to see you in 2018!]

Illustration by Tasha Tudor

To help us all get in the spirit of Corgi Cottage Tours (whether or not you'll be joining us in June or October this year) this summer we will share stories about Tasha and her garden, so that we can all enjoy the magic of Corgi Cottage! Look for a Homesteading Story from Winslow Tudor as he remembers his grandmother preparing her garden for summer, a Receipt for Tasha’s famous Stillwater Punch (which we serve at tours!), a Tea Time Story about Tasha’s famous Midsummer’s Eve parties, and more! Around Mother’s Day we will also share a little bit about Tasha as a mother.

Illustration by Tasha Tudor

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We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer! Happy gardening!