Winslow Tudor
December 25, 2010

Over the years the clapboards and shingles on Tasha’s house have darkened from sunlight, rain and time. Winter brings a moment of rest and peace to the land, gardens and house as it sits in the quiet landscape. Christmas is here, as is a cardinal not indifferent to the sunflower seeds scattered around the back step and under the lilacs. Balsam needles and melting snow from the newly set up tree have been swept from the floor, along with bits of paper left over from wrapping presents now under the tree. Indoors everything is alight in reds, greens and gold.

photo courtesy of Benjamin Tudor

Tasha was always baking, either speckled sugar cookies to be filled with melted chocolate chips during tea, bread, muffins, biscuits, or a very good and filling supper. She did much of the baking for Christmas dinner the day before. Pies, cookies, candies to fill cornucopias, gingerbread cookies for tree decoration, and the cranberry jelly that sat in its mold overnight. The Christmas turkey was roasted in the tin kitchen before the fireplace on the 25th, while the tree was decorated by Tasha behind closed doors, which made for a very effective unveiling for children and the grownups alike. The corgis always seemed just as impressed as everyone else.

At the close of another year, Tasha Tudor and Family gratefully pause to wish you and your loved ones a warm, Merry Christmas and peace, health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.