Natalie Wise
April 12, 2012

It is springtime in Vermont, and that is marked with many subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in routine. Four o'clock is no longer dusk, and as such, our tea times feel lighter, and more refreshing...compelling us onward into the now-light evening. Tea has taken on a distinctly spring-like feel, filled with pastel chocolates, citrusy delights, and a table laden with fresh flowers. As if a riot of daffodils in Tasha's garden, and the perfectly clear blue skies aren't lovely enough, Easter and April birthdays make the time seem even more exciting. Here are few recent scenes...

 A beautiful Easter Sunday table-scape complete with lovely green antique transferware dishes, and Elizabeth Tudor (Ellie) helping with her little basket. And the pansies still in their plastic pots? Well, after a trip to a Tudor favorite greenhouse on opening day (Walker Farms) to purchase flowers for Nana's birthday, these pansies became Ellie's "pets." Mom Amy isn't allowed to plant them, because Ellie totes them from room to room like friends!
 Ever a Tudor at heart, Ellie had to give the chickens "hugs" on Easter Sunday!
This mama sheep and two lambs were in Ellie's Easter basket, as was the chocolate. She set up this little vignette to be sure they all had some Easter goodies, too! Unfortunately, it was Annie the dog who actually got one of the goodies (oops).
Nana Tudor (Marjorie) hid these beautiful old-fashioned German Easter eggs for Ellie (similar in style to the blown goose eggs we decorate every year). 
Flowers picked by Ellie Tudor. Miss Ellie absolutely adores going to her great-Granny's garden, and picking nearly every flower she can find. This is a daily occurrence, so the house is always filled with a bounty of blooms. This little girl loves flowers, dresses, and animals just as much as her great-Granny Tasha! Doesn't that just make you happy?
Hannah Tudor Wyman (Jen's daughter) had a birthday this week that propelled her into double-digits! We can hardly believe how all of the children are growing! This is Hannah helping Natalie check guests in for the 2007 summer garden tours.
Lemon-chocolate bars for tea on a Canton plate.
Another almost-gone tea treat, made by Winslow.
Seth's work shoes by the door at tea time. For some reason, I find quietude in this photo. Shoes kicked off in anticipation of afternoon tea following a morning's work seems to embody the Tudor lifestyle: demanding, but enjoyable work followed by a moment's respite and easy company at afternoon tea. 
Best Springtime Tidings from Vermont!