Making Maple Syrup Booklet


Making Maple Syrup Booklet


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"This bulletin will tell you how to make syrup on the three simplest levels. The first level is for people who intend to tap only a couple of trees, to make only a couple quarts of syrup, and to spend no more than $20 on equipment. The second level is for people who may have a dozen trees to tap, who may make five or even ten gallons of syrup, and who will put $300-$450 into equipment. The third level is for people who want to be small commercial producers. If you're one of these, you will get the smallest size of a true evaporator, make anywhere from 60 to 200 taps, and produce from fifteen to fifty gallons of syrup each spring. And you will make an initial investment of at least $1750, unless you can buy used equipment from another small producer who is quitting." Note: These dollar figures, and all others in the book, apply to 1988-89.

We receive many requests for information on "How To" live the Tasha Tudor lifestyle. Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins offer practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily.

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