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Forget-Me-Not approx. 150+ Seeds

Level: Easy

Myosotis sylvatica - Essential for creating the look of abundance under your daffodils and bleeding hearts. We can't imagine weeding out the extras! Left alone, they'll form an incredible blue carpet. You just have to remind yourself it's worth it during the self-seeding stage which is not the most attractive.

Flower: Sky blue

Likes: Needs moist, rich soil.

Bloom: Spring

Height: 6"-12"

Zones: 3-9

Germination: 8-30 days. Surface sow by sprinkling over soil in early spring. Light aids germination. Water lightly to nestle seed into soil without covering it. Absolutely perfect as a surprise for any gardeners in your life!

More tips about Forget-me-not cultivation

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Results 1 - 6 of 6