She was one of the best corgis we had. Loved playing with her frisbee and playing in the snow. We miss her.
Saugerties, NY

Like all Corgis, Izzy is a character. She is just about a year old and has made me smile every day of this long year.
Dayton Oh

My family named me Magdalena. Magda for short. I always stay close to mama. My favorite spot is between mama’s feet. I’m mama’s only girl because there are mostly boys in the family...... well for now. Mama always say that she will get me a sister.
Midwest America

Ziggy is sassy,speedy.and the best boy. He has had a stellar agility career and loves to herd his people and his dog family. He howls like a beagle and rooos like a wookie. Rooooooo to you Ziggy. We love you forever
Chesterfield, MA

Sydney is 10 years old. As corgis are, she is independent and has a mind of her own. Stubborn, one night say. She is very food oriented. On our walks, she will find food anywhere and it is very difficult to get her away from it.
Tucson, AZ

My Sweet Grrrrl will turn 8 this May. She’s just such a beautiful little love bug who has been incredible during the pandemic, keeping my newly retired husband entertained and sane.
I love this little creature with all my heart.
Loudon, NH

This is Logan!!! He is soooo sweet!! He made so many people happy! He too is at the Rainbow Bridge where everyone comes to visit him everyday. They are all so lucky to know him!!
Tecumseh, Kansas

Puck is with his friends at the Rainbow Bridge where they are always taken very good care of. They get lots and lots of love and as many treats as they want!!
Tecumseh, Kansas

Mr Bean is the happiest pup I know and his smiles are endless. Loves humans and animals alike. Upon first meeting either, he rolls over to offer up his belly to be rubbed. He enjoys time with his mom in the garden where he regularly buries his bones.
Grand Haven, MI

This is our new little Cadi. She is full of life and loves her toys, walks out on our meadow and herding her cat sister Gracie.
Burlingame, KS