July 29, 2016


“Another appeal of my drawings, I think, is that they are done from actuality, not imagined…..It’s not made up. The people in my pictures are my own grandchildren and friends, and the surroundings are drawn from my surroundings. The flowers are growing wild in my fields or are from my garden.” 

The Experience

We invite you to enter into Tasha’s world of illustration and spend some time in the magical gardens that she created, and in the home that her son Seth built for her in 1970.

The entrance into Tasha’s world of inspiration begins at the Rookery, where you can ramble through our gift shop until the tour begins. Once you have had a chance to settle in we will walk over to Granny’s house and garden, which she always called “just a good messy garden with no plan, but large quantities of blooms all jumbled together."

“I haven’t any modesty when it comes to my garden. I'll boast like mad.” 

Tasha loved flowers in abundance. One of her tips was, “If you have just so much money, spend it all on one variety and make a big splash.” And you will see the waves of  "paradise on earth” which she created and her grandson Winslow now maintains. Winslow will lead you along the many paths still abundant with iris, lupine, sweet rocket, and oriental poppies in June. The Fall tours will beguile you with romantic roses, red apples, the last of the lilies and the show of “annuals who are trying to outdo themselves before they’re laid low – the zinnias, petunias, pot marigolds, and nasturtiums. They all seem to become more brilliant then.”  Unless we have a frost first!

“Because I gardened as a little girl, and my mother and grandmother were passionate gardeners before me, I grew up with flowers, knew them by their look and feel, and called them by their colloquial names. Dame’s rocket, sweet William, monkshood and meadow rue – the old fashioned names are so much prettier.”

Tasha’s home offers even more delights. You'll see where she sat at her art table drawing so many of the illustrations and borders of flowers and ribbons, her famous tin kitchen for cooking Thanksgiving turkeys, and the walls of her pantry which she used to take down important dates and messages so they wouldn’t get lost….we just can’t tell you too much more or it will ruin the surprise! We regret that a few items from Tasha’s home may go on tour in any given year-- so that the rest of the world can remember her-- but we will do our best to inform you of these items before you purchase tickets under Tour Details.  Even so, we promise, your heads will be swimming with plenty of rare Tasha tidbits and sights by the time you leave. Quite a few guests have told us, that because of the way we have left everything as Tasha had it (including some dust,) they kept expecting Tasha to round the corner and offer them tea!

And though we know that tea will not be offered by Tasha, we will have some wonderful refreshments for you back at the Rookery, when you return from your journey! Enjoy this last bit of time in your own private illustration of Tasha’s world to relax and chat with Tasha’s Family.