August 19, 2021

lilium superbum tasha tudor swallowtail

The next episode of From Tasha's Forest: Summer Adventure Begins airs August 22 in Japan on NHK at 6:30 pm.  The summer forest is a wonderland full of discoveries. Blooming flowers, migratory butterflies and mysterious mushrooms. 

Katie and Peas 2021

Children harvest peas, turnips and blueberries and taste them on the spot. The family tries to help the growth of migratory monarch butterflies. Peas Katie planted in the spring are finally harvested.  

goldenglow monarch 2021

In the summer, Tasha’s great-grandchildren visit her natural garden to make an adventure book. What is the story and what do they discover in the garden? Weeding is difficult, but Tasha changed it into a fun activity. 

Ellie hollyhock 2021

Watch this soothing episode of Tasha's family living in their forest home on Japanese NHK, August 22 at 6:30 pm.  The second airing usually occurs about a week later and seems to be available with the right cable tv subscription. Original episodes are broadcast once a month.