Amy Tudor
November 16, 2021

Checklist for collectors intro

Over twenty years ago, we started this family business with six new art prints and a collection of hard-to-find used books. Our business continued and every time I came across a new-to-me title, the treasure in my hands glowed with a beckoning joy. Within a few years, I was fortunate to have held a copy of each of Tasha’s nearly 100 titles which stretched all the way back to a 1938 first edition Pumpkin Moonshine.

Pumpkin Moonshine and the five other calico books as they were called, were sized to fit perfectly into a small child’s hands. Eventually, booksellers found these small books slipped too easily into pockets before they were purchased and were re-released in a larger size, similar to the size available today. Imagine that, Tasha’s first book published in 1938 remains in print today. Amazing! 

We often receive emails from followers asking us to reprint one of Tasha’s out-of-print books. But we are not publishers. Publishers print thousands of copies at a time and store them in their vast warehouses. As most of you know, we jokingly refer to our office, a small cape-style house as the Tasha Tudor World Headquarters; a warehouse it is not. 



With each new Tasha Tudor find, another glimmer of her world unfolds before you. Edgar Allen Crow follows the family’s pet crow and like all Tudor pets, mishaps await. Thistly B features the canaries that nested in the famous family dollhouse. Biggity Bantam and Adventures of a Beagle follow suit. 


Scholars use Tasha’s vast body of work to trace such things as the beginning of her love affair with corgis. Did you know she kept beagles before corgis? Did you know that many New Hampshire village scenes became the illustrations for her early Christmas cards? When she moved to Vermont in the 1970s, her artwork reflected the changes. Springs of Joy, Time to Keep, Rosemary for Remembrance, and The Real Pretend all show the joy she took at finally living in Vermont and achieving her lifelong dream.

New followers are drawn to Tasha’s unique way of life every day and we’ve been hearing curiosity about the books that are no longer in print. It seemed like a good time to bring back our popular Checklist for Collectors. Browsing around online (try eBay or abebooks) we notice that many of Tasha’s out-of-print books are priced very reasonably at the moment. If you are building your collection, now is an excellent time to do so. We have seen copies of Little Women with the beautiful dust jacket in very good condition for less than $100. A steal! 


​​Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Anderson, Basket of Herbs, and Jackanapes are other titles that are currently priced for the new collector to snap up. You will find that first editions, signed copies, and copies with intact dust jackets are significantly more expensive. 

Some prices remain high, like the sought-after Snow Before Christmas with its quiet story full of magic. But keep your eyes open. One never knows what one will find when you least expect it. Isn’t that the Tasha Tudor way? 


As my children get older and no longer damage books, we’ve been enjoying rare titles including Amanda and the Bear, Mr. Stubbs, Pekin White, Alexander the Gander, and many more. Until your collection is complete, enjoy the hunt.  It is such a fun one. 

When you find new-to-you books, we invite you to share your joy by sending us an email or tag #tashatudor on social media.