Christmas in Corgiville Card Set


Christmas in Corgiville Card Set


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Step into the middle of a bustling New England village near Christmas time - one inhabited by corgis, rabbits, crows, cats, ravens, goats and boggarts.

It's Christmas in Corgiville and a merry bonfire has been lit in the middle of the pond. Cats, corgis, rabbits and boggarts are ice skating around it. The post office is hung with wreaths and garlands. Kittens and corgi puppies are having very wild rides on sleds pulled by goats. 

Christmas preparations are begun months in advance in order to make presents, bakes special cakes and cookies, dip candles, and rehearse for a marionette show and dolls' Christmas party. This last is celebrated on Christmas Eve, an evening celebrated in Corgiville, as well, by the Bigbee Brown family, the rabbits, cats, and boggarts who inhabit that delightful village west of New Hampshire and east of Vermont. 

There are few events so satisfying as the pleasurable anticipation of the coming Christmas in the silence of cold and snow without, and the warmth and happiness within. 

Originally published in Tasha's 1988 Advent Calendar: A Wreath of Days book.

Interior Greeting: "Merry Christmas!"

5" x 7"

10 cards/envelopes.

Printed in USA 

Exclusively available here, you won't find them anywhere else.

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