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World-renowned artist Tasha Tudor charmed and fascinated fans with her sweet illustrations and simple lifestyle. This cookbook echoes the cultural and family narrative so accurately and beautifully reflected in Tasha Tudor's art and life. The receipts (her word for "recipes") also suggest Tasha's philosophy. "In all things moderation," she would say, then with a laugh, "except gardening."

These receipts—from Tasha’s Poppyseed Cake to Shepherds Pie, Potato Soup to Chocolate Pudding—have been the mainstay of Tasha's family for generations, and are, for the most part, from the original cookbook she began as a young woman. The simple, comforting, and delicious receipts are accompanied by her beautiful watercolors and new photographs of the food and Tasha’s homestead. Written by her grandson, Winslow Tudor, and featuring his beautiful photographs, this cookbook is a wonderful celebration and testiment to the love of cooking Tasha instilled in her family to this day. 

While this book is in it's second printing, we have the nicer quality, first editions signed by author and photographer Winslow Tudor.


176 pages 

8" x 9" 

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