Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea

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Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea

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Tasha Tudor's favorite blend of Welsh Breakfast tea makes the perfect gift for yourself or any tea drinker. This tea appeared every day at Tasha's tea table and is beloved by the Tudor family and generations of fans.

In the 1990s, the venerable tea company, Mark T Wendell, presented Tasha with several blends to choose from in selecting one to be her signature tea. Once selected, she drank no other kind of tea.

The family-run tea estates in China and India that grow the tea adhere to the strictest of practices and guidelines and do not use any pesticides when growing and cultivating their teas. The teas undergo thorough testing before export and again upon entry to the US before it is delivered to Mark T Wendell.

Available in 1-ounce sample size or 1-pound bag. The tea tin is sold out.

Storage Note: When you receive your tea, we suggest keeping it in the well-sealed airtight package it arrived in. For longer storage keep it in a dry, dark place such as your icebox.

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