Natalie Wise
December 11, 2012

 Did you enjoy your St. Nicholas Day last Thursday? We sure hope so! we heard from many of you that you included Tasha's traditions of the first appearance of Dundee Cake at tea time on December 6th, one of our favorite traditions!

This time of year, amdist all of the hustle and bustle, it is even more important than ever to stop for a cup of tea. The Tudor family traditionally has tea around 4pm, which is just about dusk this time of year in colder climes. This means the candles shine brilliantly beautiful, illuminating faces and the glow seems to add a special ingredient to the Dundee Cake as the candied cherries glisten in the light.

Dundee Cake is a special treat for teatime during December. Tasha took time to make everything special, and the Advent season is no different. From hand-painted Advent calendars, the handmade Advent wreath, and Dundee Cake teas, December remained significant the whole month through.  
Tea and Dundee Cake are necessary companions for writing out Christmas cards, don't you think?
Come to think of it, Dundee Cake inspires many a Christmas tradition and bolsters many a dark afternoon full of knitting, sewing, and baking. 
To make your own Dundee Cake, click here!