• Natalie Wise
    December 11, 2012

     Did you enjoy your St. Nicholas Day last Thursday? We sure hope so! we heard from many of you that you included Tasha's traditions of the first appearance of Dundee Cake at tea time on December 6th, one of our favorite traditions!

  • Natalie Wise
    August 20, 2014

    We've had a lot of cold, rainy days this summer. It's been quite astonishing, really, in stark contrast to the heat of last summer.  Then again we have had many beautiful days, sunny, 75 and perfectly pleasant. On days like this it's a shame to be inside, so we take reading outside, work outside, the children and animals outside. We take lemonade and watermelon and iced tea out on the porch. We tell stories outside, laugh, run, swim, pick berries. 

  • This stunning, almost impressionistic, painting features a late summer scene in Tasha Tudor's garden caught at a height of blooming delight. Image size 13 1/4" x 16" Printed in the USA.

  • This cross-stitch kit is a reproduction of our seed packets for Sweet Cicely, a lovely fern-like foliage that releases anise scent when brushed. All parts are edible and useful in baking and herbalism. One of the earliest nectar-producing plants for insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Design features a boy and his pet cow.

    *Counted Cross Stitch

    *KIT (does not include actual seed packet)

    *On 18-count Charles Craft Fabric

    *Designed by Barbara Bangser for The Posy Collection, licensed images from Tasha Tudor and Family, Inc., original seed packet design by Swannery Design

    *Finished size is 5½" by 8"

    *Frame not included.

    Originally $19.95 Now 40% off

  • This magical little book, A Tale For Easter, highlights the joy of Easter in the typical Tasha Tudor fashion. There are gentle farm animals, ethereal forest creatures, beautiful handmade dresses and, of course, holiday magic. "You can never really tell, for anything might happen on Easter."

    Written and Illustrated by Tasha Tudor.

    Hardcover or paperback unsigned: Ages 4 and up. 32 pages. Approx. 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".

    Board Book: Ages 1-4. 34 pages. Approx. 6" x 6".

  • Tasha Tudor's artwork captures memories of childhood before they are lost in life's busy shuffle--and these amazingly strong magnets can help you do the same. Use them to secure children's artwork, family photos, important reminders, and other precious papers to the family's refrigerator, office file cabinet, or any other metal surface you like. Each set contains 4 magnets, one of each image in the set. For ages 12 and over. 




  • Campanula is latin for "tower of bells." These flowers make a lovely mass planting under old lilacs. They are also lovely scattered here and there in a perennial border.

    Approx. 250+ seeds

    Level: Easy

    Will self-sow.

    Seeds from three plants: Blue, purple, and white.

    Likes: Light soil with plenty of moisture in part shade or full sun.

    Blooms: Late June/Early July

    Height: 2-4 feet

    Zones: 4-8

    Germination: Surface sow in spring or fall.

  • Everybody loves columbines! Will self-sow here and there, usually in the perfect place. A mix of lovely, nodding deep purple and more upright light purple or white varieties.

    Approx. 90+ seeds

    Level: Easy

    Will self-sow.

    Likes: Moist, well-drained soil with light shade.

    Blooms: Spring

    Height: 12"-18"

    Zones: 3-9

    Germination: Start in good seed-starting mix at 65-75 degrees in cold frame, pots, or seedling trays. Should sprout within 30 days. Needs light to germinate.

  • Forget-Me-Not approx. 150+ Seeds Level: Easy Myosotis sylvatica Essential for creating the look of abundance under your daffodils and bleeding hearts. We can't imagine weeding out the extras! Left alone, they'll form an incredible blue carpet.

    Flower: Sky blue

    Likes: Needs moist, rich soil.

    Bloom: Spring

    Height: 6"-12"

    Zones: 3-9

    Germination: 8-30 days. Surface sow by sprinkling over soil in early spring. Light aids germination. Water lightly to nestle seed into soil without covering it. Absolutely perfect as a surprise for any gardeners in your life!

  • Heirloom Hollyhock approx. 25+ Seeds Level: Easy Alcea rosea An interesting plant, many individuals have lobed leaves instead of the round leaves of modern hollyhocks. This strain originated in Tasha's Great-Grandfather's garden in Bourne, Mass. He was known as the "Ice King" and lived from 1783-1864 Flower: Mixed colors, single.

    Likes: Moderately fertile, moist, well drained soil in full sun.

    Bloom: July

    Height: 3-12 feet

    Zones: 3-9

    Germination: 10-14 days at 70 degrees. Thin seedlings to 2-3 feet apart. Move while young.

  • "Don't you think lettuce poppies are stunning? They look especially well when there are great masses of them. These come from my grandmother's garden and I've carried them everywhere." 

    Papaver Somniferum.

    Approx. 250+ seeds

    Level: Easy

    Color: Mixed delicate colors

    Likes: Full sun in rich soil.

    Blooms: July

    Height: 2-4 feet

    Zones: Annual

    Germination: 5-10 days. Sow direct after the ground freezes or as soon as the soil is exposed in spring. Don't disturb until thinning when 5" tall or so.

  • These seeds were gathered from the expanse of Lupine in Tasha Tudor's field. We're so glad to say that Lupine seeds are harvested, packed and safe from nibbling mice and squirrels this year.

    Lupine approx. 45+ Seeds Level: Moderate Flower: Blue/purple.

    Likes: Good drainage

    Bloom: June

    Height: 3-5 feet

    Zones: 3-8

    Germination: 14-21 days at 55 degrees. If possible, sow in July to mimic natural cycle. Resents root damage, sow in permanent spot. Nearly impossible to transplant.

  • Lovely fern-like foliage releases anise scent when brushed. All parts are edible and useful in baking and herbalism. One of the earliest nectar-producing plants for insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Will self-sow prolifically if happy; deadhead flowers to prevent this. 

    Garden Myrrh.

    Approx. 50+ seeds

    Level: Intensive

    Color: White umbels

    Likes: Cool, damp areas with rich soil.

    Blooms: Early Summer

    Height: 3-5 feet

    Zones: 3-7

    Germination: 25 days at 60-70 degrees. Sow seeds as soon as ripe or in early spring. Must stratify at 34-38 degrees for 30 days in order to sprout. Divides and moves easily.

  • Lovely, fragrant cottage garden plant. Butterflies swoon over it. Glows and becomes more scented at night. Let this short-lived perennial self-sow for blooms year after year.

    *Cannot ship to CO, CT, or MA*

    Hesperis matronalis.

    Approx. 250+ seeds

    Level: Undemanding

    Color: White, pink, and lavender

    Likes: Full/partial sun in moist, well drained soil.

    Blooms: Early Summer

    Height: up to 4 feet

    Zones: 3-9

    Germination: Needs no special treatment. Start seeds indoors or in a cold frame in spring, or a cold frame in fall. Should germinate in 21 days. Transplants easily.


  • Winslow Tudor
    February 10, 2014

    Winter evenings brought to Tasha a quiet expanse of hours between the end of evening chores and bedtime. After the dishes were washed, dried and put away, the goats and chickens fed and watered, corgis walked and the canaries' cage covered with an old grey apron to diminish drafts, Tasha sat in her wooden rocker with the blue wool checked blanket over the back, put her feet up on a chair near the cook stove fender, and wrote letters. She wrote to family, friends, publishers and people she had not met but whose lives and endeavors were of interest to her. 

  • June 21, 2017

    In the fullness of summer, on the longest day of the year, Tasha threw a party. Late June was always peak flower season so at this time of year Tasha invariably heard from friends and admirers requesting a visit to her exquisite garden. Always one for mixing efficiency with pleasure, Tasha decided to host an event every year on the summer Solstice where friends, family, and admirers could come marvel at her vibrant garden while also enjoying live music, dancing, food, and more!

  • Winslow Tudor
    May 3, 2017

    I remember hearing someone ask my grandmother which season she preferred best. She explained she liked them all, and that when one ended she looked forward to the next. I don’t recall her exact words in answer to that question, but imagine it was a good explanation of her views on the matter. In any event, by the time winter ended she was always ready for spring. 

  • Ever a favorite of Tasha Tudor fans, A Time to Keep was originally published in 1977. It journeys through the rembrances of holidays with "Granny". There were homemade valentines and Easter eggs, Fourth of July picnics and family birthdays. Thanksgiving brought visits from relatives--so many, the children had to sleep in the barn! And finally there was Christmas, the best of all "times to keep," with handmade presents, Advent calendars, and a "beautiful tree in a shine of candles." Gorgeously illustrated in full-color.  

    Ages 4-8 and up!

    54 pages


    Sized 12" x 9"

  • Designed by the Tudor family and made in the USA by a small family company in Vermont. Illustrated insert with one of Tasha Tudor's treasured recipes for you to enjoy. A wonderful hostess gift, too.

    CORGI: Approximately 4" high x 6" long. 

    DOVE: Approximately 5" high x 5" long.

    HEN AND CHICK: Hen approx: 5" x 4 1/4"; chick approx. 3 1/4" x 2".

  • This lovely print shows six distinctly Tasha Tudor Valentines as she would paint them in the first step of yearly Valentine making. They are bordered by twigs wrapped with pink ribbon. Enjoy this piece as a framed print or cut out the hearts and make Valentines for your loved ones!

    Print 11" x 14" Image 6 3/4"x9" Printed in the USA.